Back to School in 2021 amidst COVID-19

Back to School in 2021 amidst COVID-19

We are almost finishing the 1st month of the new year and the coronavirus still in full swing. Government and parents’ views on going back to school remain divided. Like very few fortunate South African Children, I started my grade 9 online on the 20th of January. I’m happy and grateful with how the first week went.

It remains hard to learn from a computer screen and much easier when you can ask the teacher to repeat or further explain something that you don't really understand. I have to get used to online classes and learning from home, but I believe that it is not as good as face-to-face lessons in school. I feel like contact classes are better for students than the online ones. However, going back to school, especially if the school cannot provide the needed safety measures, is not such a good idea at this time.

To all the children who are still home, I have some sweet words for you. I am fully aware that going back to school means risking our lives and the health of our, teachers, families and friends. Let us stay positive knowing that nothing is permanent after all. That this too shall pass.

The literacy activist in me is here to encourage those who are not yet studying, online or contact to pick up any books, magazines, newspaper around them and read. You can read and make little summaries. If you have access to television, follow educational programmes and if you have internet access, treat educations sites like your most favoured companions. Study as if your teacher gave you work to do. Do not take the importance of literacy for granted. No one is more motivational than an educated child.

As you read this, know that all I’m hoping is that everyone will continue to take the necessary precautions to protect everyone around them. This will easily get us back to our normal lives. A wonderful academic year 2021 to learners and parents.

About Stacey Fru

I was born in 2007. At age 7, I was the youngest writer on the continent, if not the world. Over the years, I have positioned myself as a child prodigy, and a nominee for the international peace prize for children, a Bestselling International Multiple Award-Winning Child Author of Chapter books, a Philanthropist, Activist, Brands Ambassador and Public Speaker. Through my foundation, I give to underprivileged and inaccessible children in forms of books, clothing, computers, foods, learning sessions, etc. I am also the Custodian of the awards. Among my many educational projects, I use my online television channel @CTVSA to educate children and adults alike about the African continent and the world.

 My books include:
- Smelly Cats (Published in 2015),
- Bob and the Snake (Published in 2016),
- Smelly Cats on Vacation (Published in 2018)
- Where is Tammy (Published in 2019)
- Tim's Answer (Published in 2019).